We can help you improve your capability to deliver services by architecting a solution that combines the untapped power of proven methodologies and the opportunities created by new technologies.

If you own or manage a business that delivers service, you would already know, developing a better service to your clients requires careful analysis and well thought out actions.

I know these challenges well because I own and manage my small business now and continuously trying to develop a better solution form my client base.

Additionally, I also have first-hand experience helping others, similar to me.

For example, as part of my early career and my current business, I worked with ASX listed companies, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Leaders within my client organisation are always hungry to improve their companies capability to deliver their services.

For me, it is enriching to watch the businesses grow, or start-up companies achieve their visions.

AskA Consulting Group is a small business founded by me to take what I have learned over three decades and make it available for more people.

Throughout my working life, I have worked with developing innovative solutions to my clients and assisting them to implement those solutions within their organisations. I mention this not to brag but to give you the assurance we will deliver on what we(My team & I) promise.

Developing innovative solutions require Art+ Science.

The science component involves choosing proven technologies that are appropriate to the situation and architecting them to custom fit the business needs.

Secondly, what I call “the art” component requires ensuring that the solution developed is acceptable to all the stakeholders. i.e. acceptable by all the people who are impacted by such a solution.

Currently, the technology revolution is creating so many opportunities for new start-ups and established firms.

It is imperative that all leaders (i.e. business owners and managers) take advantage of these situations and not to rely on their past successes.

Myself as a small business owner, business consultant & a solution architect, I am transforming the way we deliver our services to our clients. Similarly, I aim to help other business leaders transform their business so that they can thrive despite the uncertainties due to various disruptions.

Successful transformation of businesses is what stands behind our mission — developing custom solutions that help our clients deliver better services to their clients.

We believe in the untapped power of proven methodologies that combined with opportunities presented to us based new revolutionary technologies.

We combine proven methodologies and revolutionary technologies to architect and deliver better solutions to our clients quickly.

As part of AskA healthcare, our focus is on helping health care, and personal care service organisations deliver better service to their clients.

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